Exceed Watermelon
  • Exceed Watermelon Fruit Logistica 2024

Exceed goes beyond seedless

It's a game changer for growers, retailers and consumers.
Let us tell you why
Exceed presents new opportunities with its compact form. "The name 'Exceed' goes beyond seedless; it also stands for extended shelf life, for a greener tomorrow. In addition, it's a game-changer for growers as well! With it’s robust plant, Exceed not only survives but thrives in the hottest and most challenging conditions. Add the juicy sweet taste and shoppers will love to buy it over and over again.
Exceed presents new opportunities
Extended shelf-life for a greener tomorrow
Exceed is known for its remarkable shelf-life giving retailers the benefit of minimizing their unsold inventory and maximizing their profits. As a consumer, you get the chance to fight food waste. You can store Exceed longer then regular watermelon varieties, giving you the opportunity to enjoy a fresh piece of watermelon for a longer period of time! Exceed’s ability to maintain freshness over an extend period offers you great flexibility.
Perfectly Sized for Modern Living
With an average of 2.6 kilograms, Exceed is exceeding the expectations of smaller households and today’s consumers. It’s compact size ensures a much easier storage in the fridge, keeping your favorite Seedless watermelon even longer fresh!
Uncompromising taste, colour and texture
While Exceed may be smaller in size, it is packed with a juicy sweet taste and an delicious crunch! The vibrant green rind, the deep shade of red and an above average Brix level, makes Exceed a unique experience for it’s kind. With availability from September to May, you can enjoy Exceed all year round.
Seedless convenience for effortless enjoyment
Say goodbye to the inconvenience of seeds. Exceed is a seedless fruit. Indulge in the succulent, sweet flesh without interruption. Chefs and home cooks can effortlessly incorporate Exceed into an array of dishes and beverages, unlocking endless culinary possibilities in salads, smoothies, desserts, and more.
Meet Exceed at Fruit Logistica
Curious to experience Exceed? Make sure to come and taste Exceed at Fruit Logistica from 7 – 9 February 2024. 

Visit us at the innovation booth between Halls 1.1 and 2.1 or at the Staay Food Group booth at Hall 3.2 stand B45.

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Exceed Watermelon is produced and distributed by StaayFood Group, a Dutch independent family company that has been operating since 1946 in the cultivation, sales, and marketing of fresh fruits and ​vegetables. The company provides tailored solutions for retailers, wholesalers, and the food processing industry. With a global network, the company's motto is 'The World is our Garden.'
Melons and watermelons have been a speciality at StaayFood Group since the late 1980s when the company started to build a complete, year-round innovative product range produced in Costa Rica, Spain, and Brazil. 

Exceed Watermelon is cultivated from seeds developed by Hazera Seeds. Hazera excels in developing a diverse range of seed varieties and offers comprehensive support to growers and stakeholders in the fresh produce chain.

Exceed Watermelon